About Us

About Vinyl Jam

Our team has extensive experience in the music industry. Our founder (Will Makar) was a finalist on American Idol and our Executive Music Director (Kazumi Shimokawa) is a Grammy award-winning producer. With the connections made through a long history in the industry, we’re able to provide the best entertainers, including singers who have appeared on American Idol, The Voice, The Four, and other singing shows all while providing a far more affordable price than competitors with similar talent.

Our vision offers a live music-service for customers with “record-industry” quality and reliability for their parties and special events. Vinyl Jam will connect with each client by uniquely translating their music preferences into the most appropriately cast music ensemble or band. Our team will organize and script the evening so that the music program significantly enhances the event – intertwining with food service, speakers, or other presentations.

Events are always looking to add an element to a party that is unforgettable. We create a memory that can’t be repeated ever again. Nothing creates more entertainment, excitement, energetic fun than a live band. Our product will do just that.

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